Our ESG mission

We are fundamentally committed to a mission of sustainability at a corporate, cultural and policy level.

Our ambition is to expand a sustainable pan-European business connectivity network together with our employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders in order to improve (cost) efficiency and speed within this network, and to further reduce the carbon footprint. Our core business supports large and small companies to generate economic benefits in an environmentally responsible manner as we aim to dematerialize documents and processes. Moreover, as a technological innovator we hold ourselves accountable for unifying our business communities and serving our customer’s needs, so they can thrive whilst still allowing them to comply with their legal obligations. Equally, we aim to be a large global employer where people are eager to work, develop their skills and achieve an optimal work-life balance. Diversity in gender, age and nationality is embedded into our company governance and a given in our workforce. This allows our people to maximize their potential and ensures that we can offer a high quality network to our business community.

In short, we aim to maximize the impact we have by focusing on a twofold dimension of our sustainability drive: as a facilitator of economic sustainable growth, and as an employer.


As it is our core business to create a sustainable financial ecosystem across borders, digitalization and innovation are key for our company and its growth

We are the first pan-European business connectivity network which facilitates all companies to streamline their business by improving efficiency, speed and
costs within this network. This allows our customers and partners to create value without having to deal with the administrative burden

Less physical documents means less paper and a positive impact on mobility because of less document transportation.

Within our procurement management, sustainable goals will be taken into account when it comes to purchasing of goods and facility management.

  • Increasing number of saved trees due to the use of electronical documents
  • Targets in the energy use of data centers
  • Percentage of our revenue invested in R&D
  • Constitute a #TeamGreen at Unifiedpost


Unifiedpost instils a culture of respect and empathy for its employees and the community at large. We believe that diversity and inclusion strategies are the catalyst for success and innovation in the workplace.

We encourage flexible working and maximalization of work-life balance. Health and wellbeing, both physical and financial, are at the forefront of our HR policies, designed to help employees meet their own specific needs.

Whistle-blowing channels and other employee related policies are put in place to provide a strong compliance framework to all our employees.

  • Report and commit to improving diversity figures at all company levels
  • Equal pay for equal work: Unifiedpost employs a fair pay practice which ensures that salaries are market competitive for the same/similar jobs, qualifications and experience
  • Employee feedback survey
  • Engage colleagues in sustainability
  • Organization and reporting on employee and leadership training
  • Flexible work and caretaking initiatives


Strong governance, integrity and ethical business practices are Unifiedpost’s key ingredients to achieve its goal for long-term value creation for shareholders and driving sustainability. 

The code of conduct assists the Board in the exercise of its responsibilities and to promote the effective functioning of the Board and its committees. The Board’s goal is to oversee the direct management in building long-term value for our customers, partners and shareholders.

Due to the nature of our business, we are inherently exposed to information security threats. We have established and maintain an extensive information security program, to reasonably ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability and security of our systems.

As a fundamental human right, privacy is embedded in all our business processes, day-to-day operations, products, and services. All our staff is made aware of the risks inherent to the processing of personal data and both general and specific trainings are organized for our staff. When developing our products and services, we aim to embed the principles of privacy by design were possible. Vendors and partners are thoroughly screened and vetted.

  • Report on composition of the board
  • Whistleblowing procedure available to customers/partners and employees
  • Implementing privacy by design in the core of our products and services
  • Procurement management framework with sustainability goals for our partners
  • Further development of our centralized data protection once to ensure an equal level of data protection for our customers and partners
  • Risk management by refining our risk management framework and improving our three lines of defence
  • Further development of the Compliance function to identify, detect and monitor risks